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The Burning Post II MUD

A small, battle-worn Lithmorran outpost set in the stormy waters of the Kirulean Sea, New Yarsith was ravaged for years by the Great War that raged between the duchies of Lithmore and the merchant-led Vavardi. Our story begins several years after the war, in an era of tenuous peace punctured by hostility and tension between the victorious Lithmorrans and the few Vavardi that remain on the island. Further conflict emerges from the centuries-long quest of the Holy Order of King Dav to eradicate all magery, consigning mages to the pyre that they may be cleansed of the taint within. The mages themselves unite in hidden covens, teaching the secrets of the dark arts, that Thandok's legacy might not go forgotten.

The Burning Post II is a story of oppression and injustice, conspiracy and fear, conflict and treachery and darkness. What part will you play in this? Will you be the devout Inquisitor, eager to consign mages to the pyre to rid the Urth of all taint? Or will you be a mage in hiding, calling on the five moons to grant yourself ethereal powers? Perhaps a cunning thief, obtaining coin and secrets through insidious means. Or even a Daravi slave, captured from your heathen lands in the far South by a band of Farin slavers?

About the Game

The Burning Post II is a free, text-based roleplaying game set in the aforementioned island of New Yarsith, in the parallel universe Urth. It is set in a time period similar to the late middle ages, and is strongly influenced by a theme of dark fantasy. A unique and intricate combat and magic system is incorporated in the game, but is not the main focus. We use a class-less and level-less system, in which role-playing one's character is strictly enforced, and experience is earned through role-play, as is character advancement.

Applications are not necessary for most character concepts, so it is possible to just jump into the game and start creating your character.


Click here to connect to the game via telnet. Alternatively, download one of the MUD clients here and connect to www.burningpost2.co.uk: 4321. If you are unable to download a client, you may connect via the browser flash client at http://www.mudconnect.com/fmud/. Simply select The Burning Post II from the list of MUDs and click Play Now.

Contact Us

The game is staffed by a small, but enthusiastic group of Immortals who will be most happy to assist you in setting up your character. Please email us at orpheusburp@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Character creation does not require Immortal approval - upon selecting your name and password, you will be placed immediately in the character creation screen. Here, you will be required to select your race and stats, before you will be able to enter the game.

This guide will assist you in the creation of your character.